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Who I am

I'm a Russian-Speaking, Mexican-American, Swedish resident that works in social impact-long story! My background is in the US Congress, NGOs, Management Consulting, the UN, and more recently startups/tech. I work with individual-level empowerment because I love it, and it's so dynamic in the new era of international development.


What I do in Sweden

Sweden has a massive shortage of skilled labor, so why is it deporting foreign talent for minor mistakes? Well, it's complicated! I used my own deportation (twice) as a foundation to build a rule of law self assessment on 'kompetensutvisning.' link.

I also am a Sustainability Adviser for UBI Global - mainstreaming SDGs for startups! 


What I do in Ukraine

I started in Ukraine as an election observer in 2014 after the revolution -  then consultant, then a Specialist with the UNDP.  I continue to work mostly with energy efficiency issues, communications work for elections, and observation. I also have my own NGO - Yogis Utan Gränser, that brings yoga to Ukraine for free! 

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